Single-chamber electric oven for gluten-free and small productions

A high-performance compact oven, that’s easy to use and designed for open-kitchen cooking.

The single-chamber DAVID WORLD EURO4 oven lends itself to the needs of pizzerias, pastry shops, delicatessens, and catering businesses that wish to offer their customers gluten-free products. This oven also represents the perfect option for cafes, pubs, and restaurants seeking to introduce pizza to their menus, or to bake quality bread, without the need for a major production set-up.

The refractory surface and the diffuse resistor system offers uniform cooking, even at 400°C (752°F). Despite the power, the power consumption of the DAVID WORLD EURO 4 remains low thanks to the use of intelligent materials, an impeccable insulation system, and the Economy program, which is standard on these ovens.

Loved because:

  • A high-quality solution for cooking gluten-free products
  • Versatile and able to meet the needs of small productions

Key features:

  • Single chamber, stackable oven
  • Available with single-phase 220V, or three-phase 400V power supply
  • Automatic ignition
  • Storage of 10 programs
  • Independent heat adjustment of the oven ceiling and floor
  • Halogen bulb internal lighting
  • Indirect discharge

Brushed steel front-finish, Evaporated rockwool insulation, Porthole with tempered glass, Refractory floor, Structure built entirely with welded stainless steel


Economizer, Electric control panel


Extractor hood, Leavening cell that can be humidified, Steel support structure