Electric deck oven for pizzerias and bakeries

Our best seller! The DAVID PROGRESS oven is versatile, robust, and adapts to fit your recipes with pre-set cooking settings. Suitable for cooking directly from the oven floor, this oven is the perfect alternative to more traditional wood-fired ovens, as it can reach and maintain constant temperatures up to 500°C (932°F).

Despite being high-powered, the DAVID PROGRESS PIZZA Oven boasts low power consumption, thanks to the use of refractory material, a well-insulated door, and an inverter system that eliminates heat dispersion. A network of insulated resistors covers every part of the cooking chamber and guarantees uniform cooking, at minimum energy expenditure: approximately 1.5 kW per tray.

Plus, the modularity of the DAVID PROGRESS PIZZA means this oven can grow with your business – add one or more cooking chambers to meet your new production needs, even years after your initial purchase.

Choose between 12 different DAVID PROGRESS models, each being customizable and available in a variety of colors.

Loved because:

  • It offers high-powered cooking while maintaining a low rate of power consumption
  • Highly reliable even at peak times with no drops in temperature

Key features:

  • Modular nature allows for up to 5 stackable cooking chambers
  • Capacity of 4-16 pizzas per chamber
  • 5 cm door depth
  • Exclusive system of insulated resistors to uniformly heat every part of the chamber
  • Dichroic lamps, which can be replaced while the oven is in use via a front opening
  • Indirect discharge
  • Stores up to 10 cooking programs
  • Compatible with different voltages

Constant density rockwool insulation, Double insulated tempered glass, Fiberglass gasket, Refractory floor, Structure built entirely with welded stainless steel


5 cm front door depth either single or double glass depending on oven size, Economizer, Electronic control panel with 10 programs


Extractor hood, Industry 4.0 technology control panel, Leavening cell that can be humidified, Steamer, Wheel support, Wheel support with tray holder