Like a wood-fired pizza oven, but electric

An oven dedicated to Neapolitan pizza! With a maximum temperature of 520°C (968°F), the shape of a wood-burning oven, and a baking deck in biscotto di Sorrento clay, the DAVID GENNARO oven pays tribute to the Italian spirit.

It allows you to make real classic pizza, cooked in 60 seconds with a deep golden crust. In short, it guarantees you the ‘imperfect’ result of authentic Neapolitan pizza!

This electric oven is technologically advanced: it does not lose heat despite an open door and allows you to automatically program your work with different cooking settings. Superior design, intelligent materials, and an Economy function allow it to be used at maximum power and with minimum power consumption.

With customizable finishes, DAVID GENNARO offers your cooking space the typical beauty of more traditional ovens, with the simple installation of a cutting-edge electric oven. Since it doesn’t need a chimney, this oven can be placed wherever there is electricity, such as within a shopping center or even on an upper floor of a large building.

To adapt it to different production needs, we build this oven in 2 sizes.

It is also available with 4.0 technology.

Loved because:

  • It has the aesthetics and cooking style of traditional wood-burning ovens
    It’s easy to install and maintain

Key features:

  • Open mouth design
  • Electronic thermal barrier
  • Automatic ignition
  • 99 programs, including an Economy setting
  • Works without a chimney

A biscotto di Sorrento clay floor with a depth of 4 cm, Ceramic fibre insulation, External structure welded entirely from stainless steel, Internal refractory walls


Easy-to-replace high-temperature halogen lamp, Touch screen control panel


Extractor hood, Industry 4.0 technology control panel