Electric bakery oven

Excellent thermal mass with low power consumption! The DAVID AVANTRONIK is a robust electric oven, with 3 or 4 independent decks, for the production of large quantities of bread.
These ovens satisfy traditional bakers, as well as the more extravagant ones, allowing for the simultaneous cooking of numerous baked products. From flavored bread to rustic loaves, DAVID AVANTRONIKs are comparable to classic wood-burning ovens in terms of power and solidity, but with all the convenience of an electric one.

The front panel allows you to precisely control the temperature, and the large glass doors mean that cooking can be visually monitored, too. Cooking uniformity is guaranteed due to the diffuse spread of resistors across both the oven floor and ceiling and heat is returned to the cooking chamber, thanks to the refractory material. As such, there is no need to turn the trays during cooking. This means a reduced need to open the oven during cooking, which, when paired with the oven’s capability to retain heat, and it’s impressive insulation, keeps energy expenditure to a minimum. The Economy function and the thermal barrier effect also reduce power consumption even further.

Plus, the DAVID AVANTRONIK oven is customizable in color and its controls are hidden from view, giving a look of elegance to your kitchen.

Loved because:

  • The excellent thermal mass allows for varied and quality production
  • It’s an excellent ‘piece of furniture’ within any bakery

Key features:

  • Electric oven with 3 or 4 fixed, independent cooking decks
  • Temperatures up to 350°C (662°F)
  • Cooking chambers have an internal height of 20 or 25 cm
  • 10 adjustable power settings for the oven floor, ceiling, and the door opening
  • Ignition timer
  • Exclusive system of insulated resistors

Fiberglass gasket, Large crystal door panels, Refractory cement floor, Refractory ceramic resistors, Structure built entirely with welded stainless steel


Double halogen lamp, Economizer, Electronic control panel with 10 programs, Extractor hood, Steamer powered by its own resistance


4.0 technology control panel