Electric, gas, or diesel, rotary convection oven for bakeries and pâtisseries

Highly robust and made entirely of steel, DAVID AVANGARDE rotary convection ovens are perfect for cooking large quantities of fresh or pre-cooked frozen products.

With temperatures reaching up to 300°C (572°F), this oven can adapt to the needs of any bakery kitchen and is recommended for cooking baguettes, taralli, brioches, biscuits, and leavened products. Our rotary ovens offer quick drying and uniform cooking thanks to constant motion of heat distribution on the trays, and the special air recirculation system.

The impressive structural depth and rockwool insulation guarantee minimum thermal inertia with significant energy savings. Advantages of the AVANGARDE include the trolley coupling system, the slightly inclined access ramp, a door with large windows with two-point closure and a vertical handle, the DAVIDvacuum steamer, and a front control panel. Our AVANGARDE oven combines well-finished aesthetics with maximum functionality: the narrow, deep design meaning these ovens can also be easily inserted into bakeries with limited space. Available in 8 different sizes, and in either electric, gas, or diesel models.

Loved because:

  • It can bake up to 11 m2 of bread at one time
  • The narrow yet deep design means it fits well into small kitchen spaces

Key features:

  • Convection cooking oven consisting of a single chamber with rotary trolley
  • Maximum temperature of 300°C (572°F)
  • Uses electric operation, or a gas (methane or LPG) or diesel burner, positioned on the left side
  • Advanced resistor system that guarantees low power consumption
  • Trolley coupling system with upper hook or with platform
  • Rotation system consisting of a gearmotor and a pre-calibrated torque limiter
  • Water supply to the steamer is controlled by a bronze solenoid valve

Constant density rockwool insulation, Steel door with large crystal windows and harmonic steel gasket, Steel gasket, Structure built entirely with welded stainless steel


Automatic steam exhauster operated from the control panel, Dichroic lamps, Electromechanical control panel, Stainless steel access ramp with moderate inclination, Trolley coupling system with upper hook or platform


Electronic control panel with 100 programs