Making a great pizza requires a great oven

Forni DAVID ovens represent the best of Made in Italy – they’re built from superior quality materials and use an advanced resistance system with impressive heat insulation.

Our pizza ovens evolved to meet the needs of our ‘amici pizzaioli’, or pizza chef friends. We’ve made them easy to clean and simple to program, with customizable settings and an ignition timer. What’s more, thanks to their intelligent design, we guarantee a powerful oven with very low energy consumption.

The Forni DAVID touch

Our electric deck pizza ovens are all modular, meaning cooking chambers can be added when required, for an oven that can grow as your business does.

Additional Forni DAVID features include:

  • High temperatures: up to 500°C (932°F)
  • Low power consumption: 1.5 kW per tray
  • Oven base built from refractory material
  • Zero heat loss when the oven door is opened

Which electric oven is best for your pizzeria?

Every pizzeria has its own unique production needs.

We advise you to choose your new Forni DAVID oven based on the number of customers you serve and the pizza that distinguishes you from the competition.

best seller
best seller


Modular electric oven for pizzerias

Up to 500°C (932°F) | 1.5 kW per 60×40 cm tray | 12 sizes

Loved by pizza chefs all over the world! The DAVID PROGRESS PIZZA oven guarantees perfect cooking every time, thanks to its exclusive system of insulated resistance.

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hybrid technology
hybrid technology


Modular electric pizza oven

Up to 500°C (932°F) | 2 sizes

An oven using Forni DAVID’s hybrid resistance system technology:
Resistors spread across the oven base give uniform cooking, while the heating element on the oven ceiling gives your pizza an authentic, ‘imperfect’ finish.

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small productions
small productions


Electric oven for local restaurants, cafes, and pubs

Single-chamber | Economy setting

Perfect for small productions, it’s easy to use, guarantees uniform cooking, and adapts well to gluten-free productions.

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like a wood oven
like a wood oven


‘Traditional’ electric oven for pizzerias

DAVIDhybrid technology | 2 sizes

All the aesthetics and results of a wood oven, with the practicality of an electric one. A modern solution for cooking authentic neapolitan-style pizza

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Can’t decide on the best oven for your pizzeria?

Ask our experts for advice!

Guiding you to success

From installation to standardized production

FireUp is our complete add-on service that includes on-site oven installation and the elimination of any production odor. Request this service and we’ll take you from installation to customer sales on the same day.
StandardUp, is an add-on service that offers you the experience of a specialist to guide you in starting the production process and standardizing your most important production needs.

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The word from pizza chefs!

An exceptional performance oven that’s to be envied! Excellent value for money, reliable, of excellent workmanship, and it requires very little maintenance. Immediate telephone and direct assistance. If I ever have to replace the oven I certainly have no doubts I would buy another 100 times with Forni DAVID !!! Thanks to Mr. Giuliano and Ms Chiara, wonderful people and true professionals!!!

Francesco Arnesano 
Owner of Lievito Pizza Pane pizzeria

I’ve been using these electric ovens for 24 years, they remain number 1. Always at the forefront of technological evolution.
Once you try, you’ll never change again. 
Great results, keep it up.
I highly recommend it to all professionals.

Leone Coppola 
Multi-time World Champion of Pizza

For my first establishment, after analyzing a series of ovens, I decided to go for a Forni DAVID oven… and I couldn’t have chosen better. Reliability and cooking at the highest level, not to mention the professionalism of the whole Forni DAVID family available in both pre- and post-sale! Highly recommended! 

Federico Mangano
Owner of Biga Genio Farina

Sono 15 anni che lavoriamo con questo forno ha contribuito al nostro successo! Sottolineo i tre grandi pregi… Semplicità di esercizio, durata nel tempo, e risparmio energetico… Lunga vita ai Forni DAVID da SpizZala!

Anca Palaghianu
Titolare della pizzeria SpizZala

Superovens for pizza and they beat wood ovens! I have been using Forni DAVID ovens for more than 15 years. Power, reliability and economy of use are the things I appreciate the most, not to forget the availability and courtesy every time I contact them – even just for cooking or programming advice.

Davide Galli
Owner of Speedy Pizza pizzeria