Taste, fragrance and super fluffiness.

Pastry Ovens

The versatility of a single oven capable of turn the ingredients into authentic delicacies is truly an opportunity for pastry lovers.

Forni DAVID for the pastry world: unmatched versatility.

The different height of the chambers, 15, 18, 25 cm and up to 30 cm in some models, allows to cook biscuits and leavened products in a single batch! Handy and smart, our Pastry Ovens simplify your work thanks to the possibility of setting up to 10 cooking methods for each chamber. You can simultaneously cook cream puffs, sponge cake, croissants, biscuits, soft sweet buns, pandoro and panettone, without wasting time and without giving up perfect cooking. Our ovens are certified CE, IEC, IECEE, made to give you the best results at the lowest consumption.

The touch of Forni DAVID

You will be spoilt for choice: many dimensions and models that adapt to the requirements of your laboratory. Consider our static and rotating pastry ovens.

Which oven is the most suitable for your pastry-shop?

Our pastry ovens are born from listening to the needs of small artisanal workshops and semi-industrial productions.

That's why we offer you only the best, tailored to your production.

Do you have any doubts about which oven is the most suitable for your business?

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From the first consult to the delivery and through all the life of your DAVID oven. We care because you are our best customer.


Fire-Up is the complete service that includes on site installation of the oven and the removal of any processing smell. Request it at the order and go from installation to sale on the same day.


Standard-Up, is an extra service that puts the experience of a technologist at your disposal to guide you at the start-up of your production and the standardization of even the most important productions.