Forni DAVID pastry ovens: unmatched versatility.

The different chamber heights (15, 18, 25 cm and up to 30 cm for some models) allow you to bake everything from biscuits to leavened foods (e.g. panettone) in a single batch!

Practical and smart, our pastry ovens facilitate your work by allowing you to set up to 10 cooking modes for each chamber. As such, you can cook cakes, buns, biscuits, and other sweet treats, all at the same time. This saves you time, while still maintaining the quality of your customers’ favorite recipes.

Our ovens are certifiably Made in Italy and made to give you the best results and with the lowest power consumption.

The Forni DAVID touch

You’re spoiled for choice, with a range of different models and sizes to suit the needs of your kitchen. We also offer both static and rotary pastry ovens. Additional Forni DAVID features include:

  • Oven floor in rusticated steel for uniform, moderate temperature cooking
  • Low power consumption: about 1 kW per 60×40 cm tray
  • Reliable and durable, made entirely of stainless steel
  • Condenser (comes standard) and steamer (available for all models)

Which oven is best for your pâtisserie?

Our pastry ovens were born from listening to the needs of small artisan workshops and semi-industrial production sites. We offer you only the best ovens, built specifically for your production needs.

premier pastries and cakes
premier pastries and cakes


Static electric deck pastry oven for large pâtisseries

12 sizes | Modular | 1 kW per tray

A solution for every pâtisserie! Thanks to the insulated resistance system the DAVID PROGRESS oven allows for maximum temperature control during cooking.

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Rotary oven ideal for open-kitchen cooking, supermarkets, and semi-industrial productions

8 sizes | Up to 18, 80×80 trays | Electric, gas, or diesel

A perfect convection oven for cooking large quantities, particularly brioches, biscuits and leavened products, as well as fresh or frozen foods. Plus, with our smaller oven sizes, this is an ideal choice for open-kitchen cooking.

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small productions
small productions


Electric deck oven for small productions

Full crystal door | Choice of oven floor material | 99 cooking programs

Independent chambers, with a base choice of refractory cement, refractory material, or rusticated steel. The DAVID BREADY oven is also excellent for open-kitchen cooking thanks to its modern design and bright interior.

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Can’t decide on the best oven for your pâtisserie?

Ask our experts for advice!

Guiding you to success

From installation to standardized production.

FireUp is our complete add-on service that includes on-site oven installation and the elimination of any production odor. Request this service and we’ll take you from installation to customer sales on the same day.
StandardUp, is an add-on service that offers you the experience of a specialist to guide you in starting the production process and standardizing your most important production needs.

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The word from bakers!

Pasticceria Poloni has been working with DAVID ovens for at least 20 years, that’s two generations of pastry chefs. We have always remained faithful to this type of oven as the functionality is EXCELLENT. Plus they require very little maintenance and have never had technical problems! Really great, 100% recommended.

Gianluca Poloni
Owner of Pasticceria Poloni